'Tropicana'- palm-free, tiple milk, shea butter, silk soap

Постои една дама, лубител на 'Diva Soap' сапуните, која патува од крајниот север до кајниот југ на нашиот континент, а каде и да оди, ги носи нашите сапуни.
Тоа е посебен комплимент за нашата работилница, и поади тоа, и понудивме да креираме сапун, споради нејзините желби.
Таа посака да сапунот биде без палмино масло, со ши путер и со слатка павлака.
И, ние го креиравме за неа!

Во сапунот, покрај слатката павлака, ставивме и козјо млеко и јогурт, а тука е и приодна свила.
Сапун е кремаст, прилагоден за секој тип на кожа.

Сапун во модла и веднаш по сечењето

На следната е сапун после скоро двомесечното зреење.

after two months curing period

Дамата за која е наменет сапунот,  сака цитрусни и овошни мириси, а овој мириса онака како самото име му кажува- на тропско овошје, на лето, и зрели дињи.
Навистина се надевам дека ќе и се допадне, на неа, а и на вас.

 После пауза од последниот пост, тргнуваме пак со новите креации. 
Има дозреани сапуни, кои уште не сме ги прикажале, а ви ветувам, ќе има и некои нови, возбудливи пројекти, во вид на сосема нови производи.

Имајте убав викенд!

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils - Maслиново масло (Sodium olivate), Кокосово (Sodium Cocoate), Рицинусово (Sodium Castorate), Ши путер (Sodium Shea butterate), Сончогледово (Sodium sunflowerate), Соино (Sodium Soybeanate), козјо млеко (goat milk), јогурт (yogurt), слатка павлака (whipping cream), природни пигменти (pigments), премиум козметички мирис (fragrance), природна свила (silk)

There is a very special lady, who travel across Europe, from South to North, and wherever she stays, she takes 'Diva Soap' with her. That's a real compliment to me, so I offer her to create a soap especially for her. 
She said she would like a palm-free soap, with shea butter and heavy cream, so I came up with this baby.
Additionally, the soap contains my fave triple milk combo- goat milk, yogurt and heavy cream, along with silk fibers.

She likes citrus and fruity fragrances, so I chose the tropical fruits. Hence the name of the soap. 
It smells like summer fruits, with all summer richness in flavours and scents, you could say it's a sun ripened melon. 
As for technique, you can guess this is the Taiwan swirl. I don't know how about you, but I hated my cardboard dividers, the soap was leaking beneath them, mixing with another colours. 
Till the end, I did well, because I was doing fast, forcing the portions to stay where they were supposed to. To finish it was a routine. 

I may seem to be neglecting my blog, but I promise, I don't, I was just on a-month trip'
New soaps which I had been made, are now fully cured and they will make their appearance on this blog very soon.

Also, I'm impatiently awaiting my new logo, so stay tuned to help me choose the right one!

Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!

How could I forget these little ones?

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  1. Great name for a beautiful soap Maja! The soap sounds so luxurious, like something you'd find in a high end spa and pay through the nose (with a first born thrown in for good measure) for a bar of it.

    I hope you had a lovely time away but we're glad you're back and will see more of your creations. And a new logo, that will be exciting!

    1. Hey you, you really want me to google and lean all English idioms, right? I know you're doing this very intentionally!
      OK, I got you, but don't torture me much!
      Thanks Monica, I should be happy to get free English lessons, lol!

  2. This is a real beauty, Maja. No doubt it is amazing on the skin and smells delicious.
    It's good to have you back in blogland. :)

    1. Thanks Silvia. It really smells wonderful, I can't wait to hear this lady's impressions. Sending her out 4-soap parcel on Monday, hope she gets it soooooon!

  3. Beautiful soaps, Maja! I like those colours and swirl pattern, and ingredients sound so luxurious!

    1. Thanks Signe, this milk combination is really a winner, creamy, still bubbly!

  4. Wow, that is a gorgeous soap, Maja! I love those swirls. The ingredients sound so luxurious, too. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I finally had to try my hand at Taiwan swirl, it gives really effective look and also very nice while soap is being used

  5. Wowee....look at that gorgeous swirl!!! Love the colors and the soap sounds ultra decadent...lucky lady! Welcome back and can't wait to see your new logo :)

    1. Thanks dear, I can wait to try new different things. Emulsified scrub soon on the blog!

  6. Prelep sapun, a ja sam se bas uzelela tvojih postova! Sa nestrpljenjem ocekujem da vidim novi logo i DIVA sapune!

    1. Hvala, Goco. I ja nestrpljivo cekam logo i ocekujem da u najskorije vreme vidim neke predloge. Imam tacnu sliku u glavi,al dzaba, kad ne umem sama da je napavim.

  7. So nice to see you back, Maja! I hope you had a nice 'holiday'.
    This soap looks perfect, I really like how vibrant the colours are and how beautiful the swirls are!
    Your soaps are addictive, Maja!

  8. Aaaaw, addictive? That's such a compliment, Nat, thanks!

  9. Beautiful..love that swirl! The little ones are sooo cute :)

    1. Thanks Jasenka for your comments, glad to have you here!


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