Spring inspired...

As soon as I got my order of fragrance oils from the UK, I found myself thinking about floral and fruity fragrances first. Before summer will have overwhelmed all my senses, spring had captured me with its fresh, floral scents that we all had been longing for after long, cold winter.
So, here we have two soaps inspired by flowers.

'Divine Garden'

The very first sniff of this fragrance reminded me of roses, which are, to be honest, not my favourite scent. But then, when I got back to it few a days later, it smelt totally different- a real peonies, soft, sweet, very feminine and rich. It really smells like a garden full of beautiful peonies.

Peony in the mould

The flowers on the top I had made earlier and they were such a lovely finish to my peony soap. They are whipped soap, which I have found very fun to make and it's great that I'm able to get fine consistency of soap, even without 'mixing-to-death' method. I also think that using only solid oils is the key for easy batter whipping.
my peony garden

The recipe is one of my standards, containing my great 4 (olive, coconut, palm and castor) and additional almond oil and cocoa butter. For the better slip and creaminess, I added pink kaolin clay.

more of them

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Almondate, pink kaolin clay, glycerin,  pure silk fibers, cosmetic pigments, premium cosmetic fragrance, sugar decoration (pearls)

'After Winter'

One of the first and the most beautiful nature's scent after winter must be hyacinth. I personally love the smell of those little flowers, filed on their stem. Their purple, pinky and white colours impicture nature at its best.

smelling wonderful

I'm telling you, if you like hyacinth, this is the real thing. Although I am a fan of floral scents, I'm usually not fond of single floral notes. The complexion of florals is actually my cup of tea, but I guess, there must be exceptions. Well, this is one of them, because this fragrance rocks.

do tops look anything like flowers???

The other side of the medal is that this fragrance was one bad behaving guy. You can guess it seized on me pretty badly, so my layers are not nearly what they were supposed to be like. I could have stopped layering and eventually hot process it, but it would have been such a waste of fragrance and colours. So, after all, it doesn't look that bad.

glycerin rivers flow....

By its ingredients, 'After Winter' soap is very similar to the first one, except this one is with shea butter.
I always tend to add some more conditioning ability to my soaps, so one butter and one extra oil is very usual combination in all my soaps. Also, silk had become my regular additive in all soaps.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Almondate, glycerin,  pure silk fibers, cosmetic pigments, premium cosmetic fragrance

Both soaps will be available from 23.July

So, did flowers inspire you to create this spring or did anything else?

And before we knew spring was here, summer has come to introduce its juices, scents, shapes and flavours.
Next two will be hot summery soaps!


  1. I still has to use the silk I received from you, Maja! One of these days, I hope...
    How beautiful these soaps are! The 1st one looks simple yet so delicate, the stamp makes the soap even more beautiful!
    Love the design of the 2nd soap, and the flowers on top are lovely, yes! I wish I could smell them!

    1. Thanks Nat. Yes, they both smell divinely, like a real garden!
      Can't wait to see your new creations, it's been awhile....

  2. Love the name of this soap. The scent of roses must be wonderful =)

    1. Actually, it smells rosy ,but it's peony, Anne-Marrie. Yes, it's very nice and warm, more beautiful than rose.

  3. Maja prekrasno! :-) I normalno deka sakam da gi imam i Divine Garden i After Winter haha Iskreno i jas poveke sakam mesavina od cvetni mirisi iako koga ti ke napravis nesto makar i da e samo so eden miris ke bide pak izvonredno i posebno pak prijatno i neupadlivo (sekogas koga i da mirisnam tvoj sapun se osekam opusteno i smireno i fizicki i umstveno mmm) ova e samo edna od pricinite zosto gi obozavam tvoite sapuni :-)) Inaku Maja koga i da pisuvas za sapunite i nivnoto pravenje pravis procesot na sozdavanje sapuni (ama ne kakov bilo sapun tuki mislam na kvaliteten sapun so site karkteristiki) pravis toj proces da izgleda lesno,brzo i ednostavno (duri i koga podetalno ke opises i togas zvuci taka :-)) Prekrasnooo!!!


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