World Soap Challenges- Week Three

I'm maybe the last one to post on this (I mean third) week challenge!
But, better late, than never,right?
(Edited: I just don't know how I could forget to link this post) If you want to see what others made for this third week, here's the link of Amy's page!  You will find, as usual, so many beautiful creations there!

This soap has collected nearly 90 likes on FB SR page by now!
I never guessed it would be like this, but now you will see why!
The mica swirled tops are totally put astray here!
But before I show you an interesting picture, let's see the mica swirled top

Wet soap and...
Now, time to reveal what has drown everyone's attention:

Do you see faces here?
Take another look!

I was suggested to put it on E-bay for an auction! Funny, I never thought of this and I have no idea how to do that! Some say this soap price would rocket!  I don't know what to think.
When I cut it, I wasn't even excited about the way it looked. Not even when I sow these faces. But, many seem to think differently. Now, I'm more confident about its look.
I have only three of these, others are more like these two (on the right and behind):
They are fine,I like them, they just are not faces!

What a lucky accident! After so many not-so- lucky ones, I guess it was my turn to discover unexpected and yet, pleasent look of soap!

Ok, just have to tell that this soaps contains goats milk 100% , for colorants were used nettle and pumpkin puree (the orange portion is swirled with green) and rosemary-peppermint essential oil blend.

Thanks for reading and please, feel free to leave a comment!
Does this face scare you? Looks creepy to you, maybe?

'Be careful, somebody is watching you from your shower'!!!

See you next week,guys!

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils -  Маслиново (Sodium olivate), Кокосово (Sodium Cocoate), Палмино (Sodium palmate), Рицинусово (Sodium Castorate), Ладно цедено сончогледово (Sodium Sunflowerate), Козјо млеко (Goats milk), Какао путер (Sodium Cocoa Butterate),пире од тиква, пире од коприва, титаниум- диоксид (titanium- dioxide), етерични масла од рузмарин и нане (rosemary and peppermint essential oils)


  1. Wow! Face soap :) It´s not creepy at all. My first question was: how did you do that?

  2. WOW! How did you do that!? Pretty cool! I really like it!!! I also like the tops too :)

  3. Wow, this is an very interesting soap, Maja!
    Please, let us know, how did you do that?

  4. Thank you,ladies,but I cannot say it was my skill,or something, it was just an interesting outcome, accidentally designed! I used swirl in a swirl technique,but as the green and orange portions (nettle and pumpkin puree) were small,I got this face inside, instead of a big droplet swirl.

  5. The best things always come by accident :) Really beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful accident! I love the faces in your soaps, Maja, and the mica swirls on top are very pretty.

  7. That is amazing Maja...very cool!!!

  8. Wow, the faces came out really delicate. This is almost like a tiny miracle:)

  9. Thank you,ladies! If you haven't seen 'soaper's retreat' fb page,I'll tell you that this soap has triggered kinda 'face soap challenge'! People are posting their soaps and the other ones wondering if this is an 'official challenge',set up by page's author! Funny!

  10. How fun to find the faces when you cut the soap!!

    1. I wasn't excited at all when I cut it! Now,looking at the photos, I get goosebumps! It's so real....

    2. Oh Cris,thanks for your comment!

  11. Those faces look like they are smiling at you - I can't believe all the soapy stuff I have missed the last couple of weeks - those are just too cool! Little random moments like finding a face in your soap are rare and special indeed :)

    1. Hi,hi, I'm wondering how you manage to find time for soaping and especially blogging, with so many things happening around! Not to mention all work that has to be done there! Funny soap,yeah, but I was not particularly excited about this one.It's interesting,though.
      Thanks for checking my blog out!

  12. There is a large share of chance to all soaps. Especially drop swirls. But the results are often striking! This is one is really unique. Lovely shade for your nettle too. Beautiful creation!


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