Soaps or cakes?

If you are my regular reader, you surely have noticed that my writing focus has transferred from soaps to toiletries. It's not that I didn't make any soap meantime, I just had no time to present them timely. Now, that they are almost or fully cured, it's a high time to make it to the blog.
So, without further ado, we're starting:


This is the third choco soap I've made. The thing with this soap is that chocolate fans just can't have enough of it. Varying the amount of chocolate and amaretto fragrances, the first two versions were equally good sellers, so I'm expecting this one to be,too. 
What really makes a difference with this one is real chocolate. Unlike the first two, this one has real, dark chocolate,as an additive. 
Why would anyone add cholocate into soap? Well, I wouldn't have either, if it hadn't been that fun challenge.
But, let me leave it for later.
So, except chocolate, which is incorporated into the whole batch, this soap consists of the other two choco things- milk (goat's) and cocoa butter. 
The colours are cocoa powder, oxides and clays.
Here is the actaul version:

sweet, sweet soap


Working with chocolate, in sense of soapmaking, has the same approach as working with other, high sugar content ingredients. You have to be too darn careful with the heat it will develop for sure.
As we a had severe, cold winter, this baby slept overnight at the balcony. And it did it well.

The soap is fully cured and listed at the shop

СоставSodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, goat's milk,  dark chocolate, clays, cocoa powder,pigments, glycerin, silk fibres, frnagrance


Now, even sweeter soap. 
As I mentioned above, restocking Choco soap coincided with the special challenge which I took part into. The challenge was to create Sundae soap, using specified ingredients. The things I was supposed to use were, as unusual, as tricky: strawberry, chocolate and ice-cream- all three very real,lol. And overall, I had to use a specific tool- a spoon! 

ice-cream, forest strawberries and chocolate

So, the first day I made my Choco-Amaretto soap and took a part of the batch away for the challenge soap. The second day, I made piping and topping part. 

Sundae soap

Sorry, I don't have phases pictures, but I'll explain.
The bowl was made first. The next day I used a spoon to make a cavity in it and to fill it with the other batch. Once again, I used the spoon for the scoops and then piping tools to decorate it. Melting topping is m&p. The chocolate stick is real chocolate.

Then, I finished up with the excessive inner part of my 'bowl'. I wasn't hesitating a moment. I hand shaped it into another, small bowl. As I had enough soap to fill it, I actually got two sundae soaps.

And for the better perspective:

tiny sundae

both sundaes together

It's always fun participating in challenges , they usually push you to doing things you normally wouldn't do. 
Sometime, things go smooth and easy, the other time you have to repeat the process, but both make you go further and better than you have thought you could.

Hope you've liked the soaps! I have more to show you, and hopefully, soon enough to keep you interested!

Thanks for reading and all Orthodox Christians, have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. Mmm, chocolate soap! I could use it for ever! And if it smells like chocolate, it's perfect! (I haven't found yet a chocolate perfume).
    The Sundae soap looks so real, Maja! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Nat. In fact, there are many chocolate fragrances outhere, so when you decide to use any, you will surely find a good one.

    2. Natalia, I tried Bramblerry Hot Chocolate, it smells of a genuine morning chocolate drink....

  2. Are the sundae made of soap really? They are waiting to be eaten! They look more real than true sundaes. Chocolate soap is great, my problem is trhat chocolate fragrances tend to discolour to brown,and it is hard to plan a design. Did you leave your accent colours unscented? Your chocolate soap reminds me of a banana split covered with chocolate sauce... the way I love it!

    1. Thank you Valerie for the sweetest words for these 'sweets'. Yes, the sundae soaps are really soaps, aren't they fun?
      Well, chocolate should stay chocolate colour,that's how I see it. But yes, the other colours remain without fragrance, if you want them stand out. I usually leave small portions unscented, like you said,just for accents.

  3. Deine Seifen sehen sehr lecker aus. Wir lieben auch Schokolade zum Essen und zum Waschen. :-) Und die Eisbecher sind ganz bezaubernd. DIe hast du toll gemacht. Lg Doreen

    1. Thank you Doreen and welcome to my blog! I've seen you also have wow creations, my admiration goes to you,too!

  4. Znam da su u pitanju sapuni ali izgledaju tako fenomenalno i primamljivo, moram da gricnem nesto slatko sada :) A za SUNDAE SOAP ne zanam da li bi se bolje iko snasao u izazovu koristeci obavezne sastojke I opremu. Bravo!

    1. Sva sreća, pa je ostala tortica da se gricne. Hvala ti, Goco. Ovaj izazov se pojavio u vreme kad baš i nisam marila za njega,ali drago mi je da sam učestvovala. Verovatno bi mi trebalo više vremena da se sama odlučim za ovakav eksperiment. A tek sastojci,....pa verovatno nikad ne bih ni pomislila.
      Hvala ti puno!

  5. Momentalno go koristam Amaretto Musk i..go obozavam od mirisot do izgledot i kako kozata reagira na nego :) I mozam samo da zamislam kakov ke bide ovoj Choco Amaretto uhhh so netrpenie go ocekuvam vo mojot asortiman na Diva sapuni hahha Maja ednostavno sum voodusevena posebno od Sundae sapunot izgleda neverojatno originalno kako od slatkarnica doneseno:) Odlicno Maja! Samo napred golema steta ke bide ako tvoite idei i realizacii ne se pretstavat nasekade tie se raj za koza i oci:)

    1. Ti blagodaram do nebo, Zorice, za ovie zborovi. Mnogu mi znači koga nekoj koj postojano kupuva, uste odvojuva i vreme da gi spodeluva vpecatoci za sekoj sapun.
      Hahahahaha, da znaes, izgleda kako nekoj ovosen kup so sladoled. Drago mi je da ti se dopagjaat.

  6. Maja, I think I just licked my screen. Your sundae looks as delicious as a real one and the little umbrella is just adorable.

    Love your choco amaretto soap as well, so sophisticated.

    1. Hahah, I must admit I also got confused when sundae was finished. It looked so delicious, the pink portion of raspberry almost finished in my mouth, lol.
      Thanks, Monica

  7. The chocolate soap is such a great idea. I love the gold mica =)

    1. Thanks Anne-Marie! It's always fun to try new ingredients,but sugary stuff are really tricky to work with.

  8. Yummy! I made a chocolate-y soap recently, too. And those sundae soaps are so cute!

    1. With real chocolate, Jenny? I haven't seen yours, can't wait to.
      I don't believe I will ever repeat those ingredients in sundae soap-too much risk. But, that's the fun with soapmaking, to try what you normally wouldn't, isn't it?


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