Cakes and favours!

a group view of what you'll see in this post


This blog has been neglected for a while and still I owe the post on natural facial creams I'd had tested by my customers.
But now, I want to show you I've been up to lately. As some of you may know, I've started to make favours of any kind- wedding, birthday, baby shower, 'first baby steps' favours, or whatever you need little soaps for. The great part of making this kind of soaps is that I don't have to wrap them. Those little beauties go to the customer wrapped by a wonderful and very creative girl, who's specialized in making all kinds of decoration. Visit her page to see more of what she makes.

These are some of the soaps she had wrapped and sent out to a client

favour soaps, wedding favours, diva soap
always following client's wishes

wedding favours, favour soap, diva soap
some of wrapping desings

wedding favours, favour soaps, diva soap
lollipop soap

another lollipop

Then, I made more soaps, which I might keep for my store, because they make a perfect match. Look!

girls' and......

.....boys' soap

looking cute together

So, after making simple, rectangular soaps, we came up with the idea to create something more eye catchy. Thus, I made different cakes and cupcakes.

mini cake

soap cake, piping soaps, diva soap
the layers inside

cake soaps, piping soaps, diva soap
smells like almond-lemon- berries cake

how small they are

more extravagant version

the top is decorated with whipped soap

Then, I went a step further and wanted to pipe more and more. I decided to do more whipped soap and make cupcakes with whipped filling. 
The whipped soap is specific, not only for using a different type of  mixer, but also for its ingredients. To make soap stay fluffy and creamy, you are advised to minimize the percentage of liquid oils. Since summer has already come here, I decided to leave the liquid oils out and make this batch only with solid oils and fats. For this test batch of cupcakes, I used only coconut,lard and palm oil. Depending on the market demands ,I might be making the more exclusive varieties with butters. 

So, here they are

cupcake soaps, diva soap, piping soap

cupcake soaps, piping soaps, diva soap

Hope you still haven't run away!
So, if you need any kind of soap favours, or you know someone who does, you can send them to visit my webstore, or contact me on my mail, for more information on these.

Do you like these minis? Any suggestion for more varieties on favour soaps? 

 That was all for now!
 Thanks for your patience and have a great weekend!


  1. I see hours and hours of work there! (And many more hours of cleanup!) But everything came out truly stunning. I really love the delicate look to the pink and blue soaps. Well done!

    1. Haha Amy, you're right, work is always pleasure, while cleaning is not that fun. I've come to like piping and whipping soap, it really looks edible. Thanks for your comment

  2. I have been waiting for this post, after all the many soaps I saw on FB! So many and so beautiful! They look all soo good, but the girls and the boys soaps are unique and looking so delicate together! Congratulations, Maja and hope you will keep that busy!

    1. Well I seem to have been a bit lazy to write, but I've been in the workshop obviously. Thanks dear, I also hope people here will want to be unique when doing favours .and showers.

  3. Your soap favors are so cute, and what a great collaboration with you and Fabric Bouquets! :)

    1. Thanks Silvia! Favours are fine,but I'd prefer to be doing your favours model- full sized soaps :-)
      I'm afraid it'd be almost impossible here :-(

  4. Oh my gosh, they are all so beautiful and amazing! Fabric Bouquets has done a beautiful job in wrapping your soaps, lovely complement to you lovely works of art.

    You have definitely been very busy, now you must have enough money from all your sales to hire someone to do your clean up for you. ;)

    1. Haha, fun as usual, dear Monica! Most of them are actually demo soaps, because people want to see what they will get when order something. Yes, I've been busy, but still poor! But, you know what it's said here? From your mouth to God's ears!

  5. Lele Maja kako moze covek da ne posaka da gi gricne ovie mali sllatki sapuncinjaaa;).. deluvaat bas cokoladesto i prepolni so fil hahha Odlicno Maja kako i sekogas! Ne izrabotuvam sapuni ( samo tvoite si gi koristam bas bas:) ama se poznava deka imas vlozeno dosta mnogu vreme i trud aza ljubov da ne pravime muabet vo sozdavanjeto na vakvo malo remek delo! Tolku mnogu detali im a vo sekoj sapun! A tie sapuncinja bliznaci sino i rozevo se tolku mnogu ubavi i nezniiiii. Bravoooooo

    1. Slatko se iznasmejav za blizanci, Zorice! Drago mi e da ti se dopagjaat, a ako ne si mazena, za svadba ke ti pravime nesto specijalno!!! A ako si, togas moezes da ne preporacas na onie koi se spremaat za toj cin!
      Ti blagodaram na tvoite komentari, sekogas me razveselat!


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