Природен лосион за тело - 'Lotionary' Excitment!

Hello everyone!
If you have been following this blog, you are used to seeing my posts published once in a week or so. This time, I took a longer break. Not only that I was run out of my supplies, but also I wasn't around.
But, now I'm back, all along with gorgeous new supplies, waiting to be played with. It's been always difficult to get most of them and I had to involve many of my friends and relatives from Austria, UK, Germany.... to get my stuff over here. A big thank to all of them.
You might have seen some of the novelties on my Facebook page, but in case you didn't, here they are.
I'll mention just some of them: 

Firstly, there is gorgeous natural silk

Can you guess how impatient I am to try this beauty? And even more, to feel it in soap.

Then, I've got some new pigments and fragrances.
This fragrant selection came from UK. More fragrances, this time from Germany are about to come....Squee...

Among others, I ordered a few lotion making ingredients, which I had been searching for quite a while. 
It's not that I got bored with making soaps, but I just can't resist putting my hands into other B&B products.
It's been so long from the point I wished to make my own facial cream. Well, I haven't made it yet, this time I'm going to wait to get super skin food/ oils which I want to use for my cream.
But, this post isn't about what I received and what I'm longig for!

This one is about my first LOTION:
Ladies & Gentlemen (if there are some out there),

Here it is:  SHEA & ALMOND Lotion 
Made By DivaSoap
(what a pompous announcement, but yes, I'm so proud)

It contains everything needed to call it a lotion, meaning it consists of Oils (in this case oil and butter), Water,  emulsifier and preservative. I also added fragrance. Smells divine and feminine, like a  perfume. Actually I think it's a dupe of some famous perfume, but I just can't remember which one.
My big, huge thank goes to Susan from 'Point of Interest' blog, which I've been following for a long time, but this soap break helped to focus on her writing more.

I had thought that having only emulsifier would make a good facial cream, but after reading her blog and others' experiences about not well preserved creams, I realized I really want to be on the safe side. The preservative won't hurt me, but bacteria, germs and yeasts certainly will. 
If you interested to know what I used for this lotion, stay with me.

I wanted my lotion to be light, glidy, silky, fast absorbed by skin and still moisturizing and conditioning. I adore my solid and whipped butters, but I wanted to try something new. Something what I can use when my skin is not super dry and doesn't need that much moisturizing and nurishing. Something that would be perfect for summer days and nights, when you want to feel light and treated, with a perfect scent leaving behind.
So, I opted for shea butter  and almond oil (combination of butter and light oil). For a glidy feel on the skin I added Cetyl Alcohol. It's a fatty alcohol (of course, it has nothing to do with an alcohol form we immediately think of) and it's a great emollient. As a fatty ingredient, we add it to our oil phase.
 The emulsifier I used for this lotion was Olivem 1000 (Crystal Skin). This emulsifier is naturally derived from Olive oil and is one of the most popular among natural cosmetics makers. It offers superb skin feel and can be used for facial creams, lotions, baby care products, mascara, etc.
In my water phase, I added Sodium Lactate (another new ingredient), as it is considered one of the most efficient humectants. It is natural sodium salt of lactic acid and besides the cosmetic purposes, it can be used in hospitals, as an electrolyte, appled as an intravenous injection. So, it's natural and so widely used.

The preservative used for my first lotion was Geogard 221 which is paraben and formaldehyde  free.  There is no natural preservative, but there are some which are more desirable, more natural and more acceptable by  natural cosmetics makers. 
I'm sure this tiny amount of preservative (<1%) won't hurt our skin, but none of it could make a real mess. 
If you make an unhydrous (non containing water) product, you really don't need a preservative, but if you'd like to make creams and lotions (which contain water), then you better not risk your oils, butters and other ingredients go rancid  (and they will for sure) and damage your skin. 
Without a preservative added, it is recommended that your creams and lotions should be used up in three days. OK, let it be seven, if you store them in the fridge, but is it really enough time to use your product up? Of course, not!

I just had to share my delight and happiness with you and I hope you've enjoyed.
 I'm sorry I'll be the only one who really will enjoy it :-),  but trust me, it is wonderful thing I have made!
I don't wanna show off, but I'm so proud  and overwhelmed! 

I'll update this post later, perhaps tomorrow, with some more pictures showing this lotion's spreadibility and consistency. I was just too impatient to wait for day light and not to share my excitement right away! If your are curious to see, please check back later.
Thanks for staying with me till the end and have a great weekend!

I thought it would be nice to record this lotion test, instead of taking a zillion pictures, so I made a Vine video. I figured it out how to transfer it form Twitter, but still haven't how to do that directly. I suppose I will need to research a bit more, but I didn't want to keep you wait long.
I hope you don't mind watching my legs, but that was the only way I could record myself, lol.
The lotion is so light, easily spreadable and fast absorbable , feels so soft, leaves no oily layer on skin, but feels so smooth and silky . When you touch your skin afterwards, you won't feel any greasiness, only softness.
I forgot to mention earlier that I intentionally chose only two oils for my lotion, because this simplicity will  allow me to find out whether I like particular oils or not much easier than including too many oils. Now I know I do like it.
It's really prefect combination for summer.

My baby lotion-smells amazing,feels amazing! https://t.co/OxukY2PMXv


  1. Very creamy Maja! It looks really nice and can't wait to see additional pics. I have tried doing some lotion but I must confess not as much as soap. It's getting all the instruments sterilized that makes me lazy and not do some more. :) welcome back!

    1. I was worried about that, too, but the fact is we never can clean enough, but normal disinfection with alcohol and high temperatures should help with preventing contamination. Also, a preservative should do its job and keep it fine. You must try, you 'll love it

  2. Looks like a wonderful light lotion. I also like almond oil in my cremes. It absorbs so fast and the skin feels so good. I´m so jealous of your silk. I would also like to have some.

    1. Yaeh, that's why I chose almond oil. It really feels good, just like you said!
      Hi,hi, it was a real hustle getting this silk...Can't wait to use it

  3. Beautiful Maja, it looks (and sounds!) very luxurious! I have been wanting to try making lotion too and you've inspired me!

    1. Go,go,go.... I can't wait to see what you will come up with. I'm sure yours will rock!

  4. Congratulations! I am glad that you made it! This is only the beginning but finally with proper ingredients the playing with lotions can start!

    1. ....'AAAAAA, I'm comin' up, so you better get this party started..'
      Thanks dear,and yes, now we can play with chemistry!

  5. WOW! We are all proud of you! I can wait to see the rest! I sincerely congratulate you!

    1. Thanks Marija, it will take some time to get the most quality oil I desire for my skin!
      Hey, I'm getting older, I need appropriate care now...LOl

  6. Wow, so many colorants and new ingredients, you made us all jealous, Maja :)
    You cream looks very good and you made me curious about this preservative Optiphen, it's the 1st time I heard of it. I am glad you like you cream, please let us know how you find it after some time, I am still searching for the perfect face cream recipe!

    1. I also got many natural colourants, hi,hi .
      Now, that I got some of them form you (love you), I couldn't resist to complete my colour palette,you will see them in another post.
      Optiphen is often used by hand crafters and it complies with the natural cosmetic requirements. Do some research, you have a ton of info out there!

  7. Congrats! Lotion making can be very satisfying. I also like the feel that silk bring to soap, but recently I've been completely obsessed with lanolin. You gotta try it!

    1. I certainly will! It has been on my list for quite a while, cos my supplier carries it, but somehow it has always been happening that other urgent things have the priority! I will change that, I promise!

  8. Congratulations on your lotion...I'm so proud of you too! I've been wanting to make my own face cream..it's a product I can't live without. Someday I will make it happen, just too many other things going on at the moment, lol. As Cee said, you're inspiring! :)

    1. Thanks Kalla for the encouragement! I also cannot live without a face cream, have been using it,like forever! From some time back,I have been using a natural cream which I buy,but that is going to change as soon as I get oils I want. Unlike my body skin which tends to get dried sometimes, my face skin never does,so I need a different approach to making this one. Can't wait to see which one you will make!

  9. Welcome back! Looks like you had a lovely time away, what with all the goodies you've brought back with you. :)

    Good for you for making, it looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks Monica, I have so many things to try now and so many ideas, that I had a hard time to decide where to start. After this lotion, I made a laundry detergent powder and now I can plan on making more soaps (and lotions) again.

  10. Looks like you've got some fun new ingredients to play with, Maja! Your lotion looks great. Congrats! You should be very proud of it.

    1. Yes Jenny, that much, that now I don't know where to start from, LOL!
      It's so F......B..... (ooooops, what did I just say??) hot here, that I think I'm gonna melt soon....
      Thanks for the encouragement, dear!


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