Авокадово масло! Ладно цедено! Уште едно од природните богатства и конечно во нашите сапуни! Ово масло о испробавме во путерот за тело и на козументите многу им се  допадна. Сега, еве го и во сапунот!

авокадово масло

Покрај авокадовото масло, овој сапун содржи и ши путер, како и останати масла.
Обоен е со пигменти, а доминантна боја во него, всушност е без додадени бои. Кафеавата боја што ја има овој сапун, е од ванилинот кој што е главна состојка на сите мириси што мирисат на ванила. Точно, овој сапун мириса на слаткаста ванила, прекрасно. Цветoвите се тука да сите не асоцираат на пролетта што дојде!

Уште некоја слика и поздрав до следниот сапунски приказ! Имајте прекрасен прв пролетен викенд!

This is my first soap with avocado oil! This avocado oil comes from the kernel, not the flesh and it is so dense, thick and dark green. It is said that it has the same cosmetic properties as avocado flesh oil, and the only substantial distinction is that bitterness of AKO, so cannot be used for cooking, whilst avocado flesh oil can. However, I didn't neither taste it (maybe I should), nor I use avocado oil for cooking. 
It is cold pressed and I used it a short time ago for making a body-butter,too. The butter came out a slightly green, no matter I put just a small amount. I love how it turned out, it's so greasy, but it's not the greasiness you really feel on the skin,but some velvety smoothness. It's a lovely stuff I definitely hooked on!

For this soap, I chose vanilla fragrance oil and didn't colour the soap, so what you see here, is due to vanillin. I wanted to see how dark vanillin can go! Also, the reason I opted for vanilla is the dark green avocado oil. Could have coloured it with green, along with some other fragrance, which will be the next 'Captured' soap! Probably with an essential oil and natural colorants for the flowers!
Have you tried avocado kernel oil and what are your impressions? 
Thanks for reading and have a nice, relaxing, first spring weekend!

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils - Маслиново (Оlea Europaea (Olive) oil), Кокосово (Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil), Палмино (Elaeis guineensis oil), Рицинусово (Ricinus communis (Castor) oil ), Авокадово (Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil),  Ши путер (Butyrospermum parkii fruit (Shea) butter), пигменти (pigments), мирис (fragrance).


  1. Gorgeous, Maja! I love avocado oil in soap. And the flowers are so cute - great job on those!

  2. Ova boja avokadovog ulja je ba impresivna. Ja ga nisam koristila ali sudeci po tvom opisu verujem da je pun pogodak za sapune!

  3. Pretty spring flowers. I didn´t know that there was two types of avocado oil. The one I use is dark green, but I think you can use it in cooking.

  4. Thanks ladies for stopping by. This project took me two days and lots of time, but I like it so much,that I definitely will make more of the flower embeds. I still need practise to insert them correctly,cos the petals can easily be pushed aside.

    Marika, I've seen avocado oil (on YT,mostly), which has regular oil colour,maybe that one is processed. Yours is,I supposed, cold pressed,like mine and if it hadn't been labeled as 'kernel's'on the vendor's site, neither would I have known there were actually two types.
    I keep it in the refrigerator and it looks like pulp,not oil.

  5. Wow, such a cute soap, Maja! Interesting, I wasn't aware obout these 2 types of avocado oil, I thought you can have only virgin and refined oil :).
    I see you used the good one, which I also adore, and I put mostly in facial soap, what a feeling on skin!

  6. Gorgeous Maja, love how the dark background really makes the flowers pop! You must have so much patience to insert those flower pieces. I wonder if avocado 'kernel' oil is different from the unrefined avocado oil I buy from the grocery store?

  7. Nat,Cee,I think both are great,but this one's bitter which makes it only for cosmetic uses. You can use yours as a salad dressing. I suppose the groceries wouldn't carry it,otherwise, Cee!
    Cold pressed = unrefined, so they both must be excellent for skin
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Cee,have a nice time at your event today!

    1. Thanks so much for thinking of me Maja, you're always so thoughtful...it was last night and it went great! =)

    2. Oh gosh, it felt for a moment like Friday to me! Ha,ha,.... Anyway, glad you had a nice time!


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