Meet "Miss Karota Leo"

"Miss Karota Leo" е, слободно можам да кажам, прав луксуз, наменет за вистинска 'Дива' нега!

Нема долг список на состојки, но затоа ги има најфините и најскапите, и тоа премногу!
Овој сапун е втор по ред  што ви го представувам од 'Natural Diva' линијата.
Да кажам неколку збора за него: базната боја на овој сапун е добиена од сок на моркови. Тоа значи дека во овој сапун нема вода, само чист, свежо цеден сок од моркови. Бојата е преубава, мислам дека сите ќе се сложиме. Јас толку ја засакав, да би правела само такви сапуни.
Нема да ви зборувам за нутритивните вредности на морковот, богат е со скоро сите витамини (А, Б, Ц, Д, Х), како и минерали, антиоксиданси и има антимикотичко дејство. Можеби е помалку познато дека е одличен и за дерматитис, екцеми, изгореници на кожа и многу,многу други работи. Сето ова го прави овој сапун врвен за сите оние кои имаат проблеми со кожата, но јас искрено го препорачувам и на оние што немат. Напротив,екстра "Дива" нега на никого не може да му пречи.

Црните пеги на сапунот се од активен јаглен, кој што се препорачува за сите типови на кожа за нејзина детоксикација. Потемната портокалова боја потекнува од анато семе, кое што го добив од драга пријателка од Белгија. Но, набавив и сама анато, за сите понатамошни креации.

Сапунот е ‘полн‘ со ши путер и рицинусово масло, и исто како и претходниот, е прав избор за сува кожа. Секако, секој со нормална кожа може да го користи овој сапун, со задоволство и уживање.
Сапунот е без мириси, па е идеален и за оние со осетлива кожа, а посебно како сапун за лице.
Достапен од 30.04.

Дали ви се допаѓа овој сапун?
Ве повикувам сите кои што го следите блогот, да се јавите со коментар, мислење, прашање....
Поздрав до сите!

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils - Маслиново (Оlea Europaea oil), Кокосово (Cocos nucifera oil), Палмино (Elaeis guineensis oil), Рицинусово (Ricinus communis oil ), Ши путер (Butyrospermum parkii fruit (Shea) butter), Сок од морков, анато семе (Bixa orrellana (Annatto) seed), активен јаглен (Activated charcoal).

I present to you the second soap from  'Natural Diva' line.
I was inspired by Cee's leopard soap, ever since she introduced her technique, I've been planning to try it. I wasn't piping the inner spots, as my kid woke up at the moment I was in the middle of soaping, so I hurried to finish pouring it, but next time, which will be soon, I will certainly do piping.
This one was made with fresh carrot juice, instead of water and I love the colour so much, that I will use it again, for sure. Not to mention all benefits that carrot provides, all vitamins, minerals, anti- oxidants and its healing properties. Carrot is also beneficial for eczema, dermatitis and other skin disorders. For   black spots I used activated charcoal and the dark orange colour comes from annatto seed, I had got from dear friend, Natalia. I didn't infuse oil with it, but I ground it and soaked into some glycerin, then use the glycerin for colouring the soap portion. I thought I would get more intense, darker colour that way. It seems  I did. Oh boy, annatto seed is so hard to crack, I couldn't get it powdered, as my blender is too big for small amount of seeds. Now, I got a new supply of annato powder  (yay!), but I like more this one from Nat, it's darker, reder. 
The soap is loaded with shea and castor (again) and it has a short ingredient list, but at so luxuriuos proportions.
This one is the other one I expect much from. 

Two more soaps waiting..... But those I have prepared for the swap organized on SR page, so I will wait my partners to receive thier parcels. Besides, one of them was already presented publicaly, so the other one should stay unrevealed until they get it. Among five of us, there is a man, so one of the soaps I sent him is sooooo masculine, so good. I hope he will like it.
Ok guys, shall I take a break now???
No, I soaped tonight, so the number of soaps waiting their turn has just increased! Hi,hi,hi,....
Take care and happy holiday weekend!


  1. Oh, that yellow color is so rich. Have only tried pureed carrot and the color was not as dark and it faded quickly. I should try carrot juice instead.

    1. Oh, I would expect puree had more intense colour. We'll see how this juice holds up! The colour is soooooo beautiful, I wish it stayed this way! Anyway, it was a small batch, so after keeping some for myself, others will be grabbed before the colour fades!

  2. Very cool leopard spots Maja! The soap sounds lovely too, very nice with the carrot juice.

    1. Thanks Cee,but yours were perfect. I will give it another try in a couple of weeks, I'm planning to pipe inner spots. We'll see...
      I hope the soaps will be great, as it's so luxury

  3. Oh, really nice soap, Maja! I will have to try that technique once too, it's beautiful!
    Gorgeous natural soap, Maja!

    1. Thnaks Nat, I really would like to see your version, I bet it will be gorgeous!

  4. Obozavam sok od sargarepe u sapunima. Tako je daje lepu postojanu boju. Tvoji sapuni su ispali extra - kao i uvek!

  5. Gorgeous, Maja! As soon as I saw your soap, I thought of Cee Gee's leopard spots. I've used carrot juice in soap before and it is really lovely.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this link. These are Beautiful soaps! I love the natural colors! :) Rhonda

  7. You are welcome. Just lovely. You should post this to Soapers Retreat! And just curious - are you in the sign of Leo or is that part of your name? I'm a Leo - so to me you can show off all you want - its what we do ;) Rhonda

    1. Neither,Rhonda! 'Miss Karota Leo' is the 'name & surname' of this soap, just for fun! 'Karota' came from carrot, and 'Leo' from lepoard spots. I'm Scorpio, if you're curious to know! Hard to make in soap, isn't it? But,who knows, I might get it accidentally one day, like I got a face in a soap,hi,hi!


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