'Резервирано за дами!'
Тоа би можело да стои покрај овој сапун. 
Раскошен, женствен, топол, сензуален, ве обзема, не се вика без причина 'Oчарувачки' ('Captivate')!
Со очарувачки мирис ми одеше и некоја кралска боја, како нпр. виолетова. Така настана 'Majestic'
'Only for ladies!'
Rich, feminine, warm, sensual,overwhelming.... there must be a reason for its name- Captivate!
With a captivate scent I only could imagine some royal, majestic colour- that's how my 'Majestic' was born.

Оваа слика е направена дваесeтина дена откога сапунот е направен. 
Намерно ја избрав таа како насловна фотографија, поради тоа што сапунот го промени својот изглед откога е направен.
Веќе спомнав во некој од претходните постови дека сите мириси што содржат ванила, после некој период задожително потемнуваат. Од количината на ванила, зависи и колку сапунот ќе потемни. Во описот на мирис немаше предупредување, а јас ја осетив тек откако го завршив сапунот. Во деловите со бела боја  јасно се гледа како ванилата си го прави своето. Другите бои се држат.
Но, мирисот е толку добар да вреди да се жртвува бојата поради него. Морам да кажам дека ванилата не е доминантен мирис и се чувствува саму како долна нота на оваа мирисна композиција.  Тука се мирисите на амбер- топол, мускатен, богат; амирис (дрвото Amyris), разигран јасмин и мошус. Тотално 'Captivate'!
Вака би сакале да мирисате кога навистина сакате некого да заведете. Толку!

The picture above was made after soap had cured for 20 days. The vanilla content in it had made it go brown, although only white seems to suffer. The purples keep holding on pretty well.
Here it is a picture of wet soap and further, pictures of soap taken just after unmoulding.
Don't ask me why I used white! 
I actually wasn't aware of vanilla content in it, and just after I finished soaping session, this fantastic scent kept on my fingers. I was delightfully smelling it and then it suddenly hit me- I was smelling vanilla. 
I did a quick internet research and found the other soapmaker's picture, where she was showing results of her fragrances tests. I was stunned- her soap had gone brown after ten curing days. 
I totally love the scent and it is worthwhile sacrificing colours, or better say white, 'cos my other colours are more-or - less fine! They are not as vivid as they were, but you san still see purples. Next time- no white!
Еве неколку слики како сапунот изгледаше во модла и откако го исеков

in the mould

убава белина

beautiful whiteness...

Сапунот, се разбира, содржи природна свила, а од посебните состојки, го издвојувам какао путерот. Исклучително е кремаст, мазен, како мириса, така и го чувстувате. Вистинската Дива бања!

I used cocoa butter and of course, silk. It's smooth, creamy and you feel it.

Идеме понатака!
Има уште и уште за прикажување!
Поради тоа, мораме многу да работиме, и тоа брзо! 
Празниците се ближаат, а вие нарачувате, мораме да ви исполниме сите желби! :-)

Thanks for reading and have a nice winter/summer upcoming weekend !

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils - Maслиново масло (Sodium olivate), Кокосово (Sodium Cocoate), Палмино (Sodium palmate), Рицинусово (Sodium Castorate)Какао путер (Sodium Cocoa butterate)Масло од маслодајна репка (Sodium Canolate),  Сончогледово (Sodium Sunflowerate),  природни пигменти (pigments), мирис (fragrance), природна свила (silk)


  1. It looks like paradise, Maja! Love those clouds!
    The choice of colours is so good that your soap looks more like a portrait!
    And, besides, it's feminine!

    1. I noticed the 'clouds' myself, but I didn't want to play with words for this soap,'Majestic' sounded like a perfect name to me!

  2. Maja, this is stunning! It looks like one of Picasso's peace of art :) And I like that brownish parts! It looks even better than fresh cut!

    1. Oh, really? I like white soaps and white in them, so I would have preffered if it stayed like it was, but I'm fine with this look, too! Thanks Renata for your encouraging words and compliments!

    2. Well I like white in soaps too, but in this case vanilla did a great job :) Looks like painted dark clouds! I honestly think that this is one of the most beautiful soaps I've ever seen (and you know I've seen a looot of soap on the internet)

    3. Oh, now I'm seriously flattered! I know there is a zillion of gorgeous soaps outhere, so I take your words as the greatest compliment I could ever get!

  3. Wow, that is just stunning...the depth of the colors, and the brown around the edges just adds to that depth, it looks like shadows around the edges. I adore those puffy clouds too, it looks like a beautiful painting!

    1. Thanks dear, but next time I will use some brown shadow, instead of white,or maybe leave white unfragranced. Welcome back to soaping world, I missed you!

  4. I agree with both Renata and Cee that the brown adds depth to the "clouds". I normally prefer to keep the white part white, but for this particular soap, the vanilla discoloration is working to your favor. With the name and description of your soap, you make me very curious how this sexy and seductive soap smells like! :-)

    1. Hi Silvia and thank you! This fragrance can be categorized as winter's, it's sweet, but not heavy, has that subtle aroma of musk and vanilla, but you can detect fluttering floral notes,which make it that appealing!

  5. Gorgeous soap, Maja! I love the swirls, and the scent sounds wonderful. The colors are so pretty - I'm glad that it didn't turn too brown!

    1. Thanks Jenny! The colours were pretty, now they're fine, but not as bright and vivid as they were :-(
      Anyway, the scent is gorgeous, but some of my friends find it strong, or sweet, the other ones adore it! I'm with those last!

  6. Maja, that soap looks and sounds heavenly! Majestic, makes perfect sense with your royal purple colouring. I think the browning is quite nice, it blends nicely with your other colours.

    1. Thanks Monica! I'm glad that you see it as I do! I don't think brown is nice, but, it's quite pleasant to look at, so I'm ok with it. Next time, I need to choose colours carefully!


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