'Diva Soap' i u Srbiji


Zbog otvaranja nove radnje za srpsko tržište, ovaj post editujemo 25.09.2015
Proizvodi će se još neko vreme nalaziti na Artijani, ali nećemo postavljati nove. 
Od sada nas možete naći na našem sopstvenom prodajnom sajtu:

i klik na sliku vas vodi do tamo

Nadam se da ćete uživati u našim proizvodima, kreiranim za vaše uživanje i 'Diva' negu!

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Одсекогаш и засекогаш популарниот мошус! 
Кога бев дете имаше цела колекција на мошуси, кои се викаа 'Wild Love', 'Exotic Love', 'Magic Love' и други врсти на љубов. Тие парфеми беа маслени и навистина многу јаки и убави. 
И покрај тоа што мошусот е базна нота на безброј парфеми, во кои ниту сонувате дека го има, постојат и оние со повеќе дистинктивен мирис на мошус.

Musk forever, it's everlasting, always popular and  inevitable. As a base note, irreplaceable.
And this one I like much,much. It's that type of fragrances I'm in love with- perfume like!

Без оглед на тоа дали и кој мошус го сакате, или не, овој мирис ќе ви се допадне, ако сакате слаткасти и цветни мириси. Мене лично ми е преубав, не можам да сокријам дека јас најмногу ги сакам сложените мирисни композиции, кои подсеќаат на парфеми. Е, таков е и овој.
Женствен, елегантен и отмен. И ве опколува со мирисен, мистичен облак.

Во состав на овој сапун влегоа ланолинот и ши путерот, како екстра хидрирачки состојки за ладните денови и природната свила, како уште еден луксузен додаток.
Топчињата и светките што се гледаат на сапунот се декоративни додатоци за торти и колачи, значи шеќерни се и тотално безопасни за вашата кожа.

Еве ја сликата од минатиот пост- Детал од врвот на сапунот во модла

Првата верзија на овој сапун беше можеби уште поубава, проценете сами:
My first attempt with this fragrance looked like this. Oh, how much I liked this soap. I was delighted with everything about it.

Isn't it beautiful?
It was,until the next day, when I had to face with the facts.

The first version

Проблемот со овој сапун беше што содата не беше добра и делуваше слабо врз маслата. Како резултат, добив мек сапун, со повеќе неизреагирани масла отколку што е потребно. Сакав да плачам, бидејќи многу ми се  допадна сапунот, но......се случуваат и такви работи, очигледно.
Овој мирис дефинитивно ќе стане едан од сталните во понудата на 'Diva Chique' линијата.

What went wrong with this soap? It was darn lye!
Some time ago, Cee asked me how I could tell if lye was bad. It was somehow weakened, gone off, I don't know, but obviously didn't do its job. How did I know?  I didn't .
At the moment of dissolving it, I noticed my silk fibers wouldn't dissolve completely, which should be the case. But, I was stupid careless enough to proceed and pour it into the oils. So basically, you can't know whether your lye is ok, but if you try to dissolve something in, it shows its efectiveness..
The next day I could cut the soap, but it was unusually soft. Soft and oily. Of course it was, the oil excess was so evident. I left it for a few days to monitor on it, but nothing changed. Except the soap was becoming darker. I never scent coloured portion if there is a minor suspect of discolouring, so the swirls stayed bright and nice, whilest the base colour was kind a caramel/light brown,- not very pretty.

Аnd finally, where did the beautiful soap go? As stuborn as I am, I wouldn't / couldn't let it go and toss it. 
I rebatched it once,.....still oily,......twice......lye heavy,.....third time...... fine! So, I got triple-milled soap without wanting it,  :-)
After all these rebatch processes, the fragrance didn't survive. It was still there, but so much modified, that you could never tell what it originated from.
Now it's a good soap, just not nearly as pretty as its ancestor, nor its successor. 
Here it is, its second life:

Еве како сега изгледа мојот преубав сапун. Сепак, сега е одличен и мириса на лаванда.

After this batch I was sure the main portion of the next one wouldn't be left uncoloured. The result is this new soap. I mean, what colour can you use to counteract vanilla. The choice is not wide, really.

Состав / Ingredients: Сапонифицирани масла/ Saponified oils - Maслиново масло (Sodium olivate), Кокосово (Sodium Cocoate), Палмино (Sodium palmate), Рицинусово (Sodium Castorate),Ши путер (Sodium Shea butterate), Сончогледово (Sodium Sunflowerate), Масло од маслодајна репка (Sodium Canolate), ланолин (lanolin) природни пигменти (pigments), мирис (fragrance), природна свила (silk)

Thank you for staying with me till the end, hope you have enjoyed reading!

Ви благодарам за читањето и имајте убав викенд!

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Starting this blogging year with the 'Versatile Blogger Award'!

You all might have thought by now I had given up on writing, but here I am, starting this year's blogging with a special occasion. I had promised to myself that my first post this year would be on soaps, but that post will hold on, due to this particular reason that just came up.
I was quite surprised to discover that  Silvia, the author of 'SoapJam' blog, nominated me for  'Versatile Blogger Award' . Slivia and I have known each other for several months only, but she's that kind of person you like at the first glance, sweet, positive and friendly. 
Thanks Silvia for forwarding this nomination to me, it's really flattering to be on your list, knowing how many blogs you follow.

The trophy pic from VBA blog

Oh, by the way, this is the third nomination 'Diva Soap' is getting. The first was 'Lovely Blog Award', which I was given by Vanja (her blog link seems to be broken, so here it is the link to my post) and the second time I was nominated for this same award by Rama Mbaye, from 'Fresh and Natural'. (So proud)
I was thankful to both, but so far never complied with all prescribed rules. 

These are the rules in this little bloggers' game (copied from VBA site):

Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I need to say that many of my favourite places have been nominated by others, so I'm giving those who I haven't seen being nominated, at no particular order.

(that's the hardest part and the one I had been always refusing to obey)

1. I live in Macedonia, the country of my choice, not my origin.

2. I have University Diploma in Economics and I never thought I could do something manufactural for living (I still don't do it for living, but planning to)

3. I love 'Gossip Girl' . No matter how childish I may sound and no matter how many inconsistencies you will find in the show, I still love it!

4. I spent two months in Czech Republic, back in early two thousands, as an English Teacher. That was my University Traineeship, organized by the best (my opinion) world's student organization AIESEC, which is specializied in international students exchanges. Luckily, I had taught the first level of English, lol. That was one of the best experiences in my life

5. I'm a passionate in whatever occupies my mind. I'm kinda rigorous with myself - when I'm up to something, I don't feel tired, I don't know time, nor day...until I pull it off! Oh yeah, lately I've been thinking about aging, so try to get whatever I do into a reasonable frames of behaving. Reading is one of my biggest passion. I used to stay awake till next morning, reading and changing my lying position in the bed.

6. I would like to speak more languages than I do. I have completed five levels of Italian and that seems to be useful, cos I can recognize many words in Franch and Spanish, as well. Not to mention how many English words originated form Latin, i.e.Italian. Quite usefull to know languages! I adore Natalia for this knowledge of hers 

7. I   l.o.v.e. to sleep and I tend to think that I look young because I sleep enoguh. 

Now, that I have started, I could go on, but, let me stick to the rules!

And for the end, just a little sneak peek into what follows (some of you have already seen):

Oh, have you noticed the totally new look of my blog?
Do you like it? It took me much time, and I'm not finished with redesigning it!

Stay tuned, will be back soon!

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