Како ги пакуваме производите! Packaging!

-Како ги пакуваме нашите производи-
- How we pack our products-

While prepraring new blog post on a soap I like,like,like, I want to show you what I've been up to lately and what's been taking my time, energy and efforts
Before I start, I have an announcement to make: I finally have opened my e-shop on my Facebook page.  You can take a look if you like!

Then, I started a web site and it also has been taking me long. 
It's not finished yet, I hope I will able to connect it with the storefront without Facebook intermediating/ directing customers to facebook.

Ok, now back to the subject.
I came up with an idea of packing my soaps into small and bigger sets/ boxes and since I still haven't found any good supplier (I might have found one, we'll see what he's going to offer) for the boxes, I decided to give myself a try.
Every box here was made by me and whilst the small ones are easy-peasy to construct and fold, the big ones are such a pain.

Let me show you first my single soap package:




'Natural Diva' soaps look differently. This picture is old and since then, I changed the labels and now they look the same as these above.

Of course, I make this one,too

Now, the reason I started this post at first place!
'Diva boxes':

My first set looked like this: 

4 soaps, 4 sugar scrub cubes, 1 solid body butter

And, in details:

many goodies inside

I liked this one

When I managed to get all ingredients (the flavour) and sticks for lip balms, I made some lip balms. Here it is packaging for those:

And new sets:
two identical

with the content:

Then, I made a 'Mini Diva Set', containing one soap and one lip balm.
It's such a cutie and it makes an interesting gift
I forgot to take a picture of pink 'Mini set', but apparently, I'm going to make another ones.

And after all, a custom order got me make a specific set, which I called 'All-in-one'.

this one is with two butters- one whipped shea and one solid

I need to give a credit to my favouriteYT channel , when it comes to packaging. That's Sam Donald's and I find it so inspirational. The lady can make just anything!
My small boxes for sugar scrubs, body butters and mini set box, were all  inspired by her work.
However, my lip balm packaging was all mine and I'm little proud of it.
Once, you set up your mind onto making boxes, ideas overflow!

I still have to make new boxes, as the holidays are coming and (I don't know if it's bad or good??!) I'm running out of soaps!

The more boxes I make, the less time for soaping!
If I only could multiplicate myself!

What do you think? Do you have any similar offerings? Do you make sets like these ones and how do they go for you?

This's been pictures heavy post, hope you find it interesting.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with A PRINCESS!


  1. First of all, congratulations on your Facebook e-shop. It looks great!
    You've been a very busy bee, Maja! I am impressed with the number and variety of bath and body products you have. Your packaging is lovely, well thought-out, and clearly a labor of love. Business must be good for you to be running out of soap, but I know what you mean about wishing to have multiples of ourselves to accomplish more.
    Love your set packaging. It makes for a perfect gift.
    Now, if only I could pull myself away from soap to try my hand at other bath and body products...
    P.S. I like that you post a lot of photos. :-)

    1. Thanks Silvia, you're always so sweet! If I am a busy bee, what are you then? 750 soaps!!? That's incredible number and I have no idea how I would handle it! I'm glad that you like the shop and this post and I'm sure it's just a matter of time when you will try your hand at toiletries. Can't wait that moment!

  2. Čestitam na e-shop-u i jedva čekam web sajt da bude gotov. Paketići su stvarno prelepi! Nema boljeg poklona. Stvarno si inspiracija za nas (barem za mene :)), svaka ti čast na trudu i ljubavi koju ulažeš u tvoje proizvode. Samo tako nastavi! Puno pozdrava!

    1. Hvala Marija, baš mi je drago što to kažeš. Najveće priznanje su komplimenti od 'kolega', to me čini posebno srećnom. A tek ako te inspirišem, onda sam još srećnija!

  3. Congratulations, dear Maja! Your shop looks good and you have so many lines already, love it!
    I am really impressed by your 'made with love' sets!
    I wish you a lot of customers and much inspiration!

    1. Thanks Nat! I really put much love into making them, glad it shows!

  4. Maja, your FB shop looks lovely and your gift sets are just perfect! Well done!

    1. It was about time to open it. It was a long ago when I started setting it up, but never put it into life until now! Thanks Renata!

  5. Congrats on the Facebook e-shop! It looks great. Your packaging and boxed sets are so pretty. It looks like a lot of work goes into them. Best wishes to you with your new storefront!

    1. Yes Jenny, it takes time and lot of works, but I'm happy to be able to offer something like this. Thanks for your wishes!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Annelie! Unfortunately, I cannot ship this abroad, it would take too much room and weight!

  7. Wow - first Silvia with her wonderful packaging and now you - these are amazing! Packaging has always been my sticking point so I'll be studying that YouTube link that you linked to. Thank you for an inspirational post!

    1. 10:41 PM
      This appears to be a 'packaging season', Vicky! I promised to make a post on mine and Silvia reminded me to do so. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog. Be sure to check Sam Donald's channel, it's my first place to go, when it comes to boxes.

  8. Those are some gorgeous gift sets Maja, and your lip balm boxes are amazing!!! I've made some gift sets this year too, but nothing as sophisticated as yours; yours look so elegant! Your FB store looks fantastic...great job on everything!

    1. Thank you,Cee! They are all fine and I like them, but actually I have some more luxurious ones in mind. I can make them myself, or have them made for me,but then, they would increase the total cost. I hesitated on this idea and gave up.
      Anyway, I think I'm going to try to introduce them next year.

  9. Congratulations on your shop Maja, it's wonderful! And your packaging is so inspirational! I can't believe you make gorgeous soaps AND do all this packaging yourself. I really love the details on your boxes and how professional it all looks.

    I hope you find a solution for your packaging, it does cost a lot of money to outsource it, but it may be worth it for the time you spend.

    1. or else, I'll get into routine making them myself, lol! Yes Monica, it takes time, but as I don't count them in the final price, I can't afford the luxurious packaging I want. Maybe, one day.... Thanks for your sweet words and I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful cardboards all folded up and sent away!

  10. Those beautiful soap boxes makes me want to buy them all!


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